After-Hours Social Events

After hours events, when utilized properly, can have an extremely positive benefit on your team.

  1. A casual event promotes interpersonal bonding – when team members genuinely like one another, they will work harder to help one another produce better results
  2. A casual event promotes a feeling of team unity – “All for one, and one for all”
  3. A casual event promotes the feeling that the company cares about them; this in turn promotes reciprocal feelings of wanting to give back to the company above and beyond the minimum required by contract
  4. Relaxing time will improve productivity – however, people’s personal schedules don’t necessarily allow “relax time”.  A company-sponsored casual event actually encourages individuals to take this important time, which in turn will have a positive effect on the company.
  5. Specifically when a consultant comes, a team could be put off-balance, worried that they aren’t performing well enough and creating stress and job insecurity which could actually have negative effects on their productivity.  By including one (or a few) after hours social events in the agenda, we reinforce the idea that the company is appreciative of them, and their job is not at risk, reducing the stress which could otherwise be present
  6. Let’s face it; employees don’t necessarily feel open talking about their problems at work, while in the middle of office hours at the workplace.  A casual environment provides the opportunity to “let off steam” in a “safer” environment – this information can then be addressed and used to increase productivity back at the office.

We include at least one event in each package.  In the two-week training package, we actually recommend two or three such events – firstly so that employees can feel safe missing one event without feeling “left out”,  if their personal schedule doesn’t work out.  Secondly, because it reinforces and enhances the benefits lifted above, promoting a healthier and more dedicated team.