Our Solution

Our solution to this isn’t to improve or rewrite a feature of the product, but rather to improve the development process:

  1. Personal one-on-one training customized for each individual team member, to strengthen their individual skills.
  2. Workflow (Waterfall, agile, etc)
  3. Domain-specific tools (better design patterns in the programming language)
  4. Better DevOps toolkits (better deployment patterns and tools decrease “transition time” between issues)
  5. 3rd party management – better use of  ticketing systems, SCC, test tools, deployment tools (make the tools work for your team, instead of your team working for the tools)
  6. Casual after-hours events to promote feelings of team unity, and increase devotion to the workplace and peers.

By focusing on the team, we see a longer-term improvement in the individual and team’s ability to cope – not only with the current problems facing them, but also with issues that might come up in the future.