Issac presenting “Distributed Apps with Gearman” at TelAviv.PM

On October 23, I’ll be giving a presentation at the TelAviv Perl-Mongers meeting on “Distributed Applications with Gearman”.  The presentation will include a general introduction to the excellent Gearman framework for distributed applications, as will as an introduction to the Perl API libraries for interfacing with it.

I worked with Gearman several times in the past few years (and five years ago, actually wrote a similar framework from scratch for asynchronous (and scheduled) distributed applications, when Gearman just wasn’t mature enough), and really think it’s one of today’s “Cloud Age” most under-utilized design patterns.  With the ability to provision new workers in seconds in today’s production environments, Gearman provides a robust backbone for creating applications that can horizontally scale infinitely with the added bonus of having a completely decentralized force of workers who can register and de-register (or just disappear!) themselves.

Issac presenting at Tel-Aviv’s first Atlassian User Group

On July 21st, I’ll be presenting new Atlassian JIRA 6 features at the first Tel-Aviv Atlassian User Group meet-up, at the Google TLV Campus.

I’ll be talking about the new workflows introduced as part of the Atlassian Marketplace, the new uber-simple-to-use workflow manager, and even a bit about scripting custom workflow actions using Jamie Echlin’s amazing Script Runner plugin.

Don’t miss it :-)