New Meditation Audio by Issac – Daily Meditation at the Workplace

Today I’d like to share a meditation audio recording. This meditation focuses on relaxed breathing with a concentration technique, and is based on a format that I give when doing daily meditation groups at high-tech companies. The session is about 15 minutes long, and I’ve gotten amazing feedback from people who practice it; both one off or daily. My recommendation is to do this at the end of your lunch break, or shortly after, before starting the “afternoon crunch” (say 1pm for the 9-to-5-ers out there). People report being more relaxed, feeling less bloated after lunch, and higher ability to concentrate throughout the afternoon after a single session. People who do this regularly report lower stress levels and better overall concentration throughout their lives after about three weeks of doing this once a day.

I recommend finding a quiet place to do it. Although some people prefer a dimly lit room, I personally try to have this done outside (weather permitting) if a relatively quiet place can be found. It’s possible (and even helpful on occasion) to do this in an area where other people talk or make ambient noise – as long as it’s not shouting, or other “surprising” noises, the background noise can assist in giving our minds a concentration point. In such a situation, just hear the noises or talking, but avoid listening to or concentrating on the words that you hear.

In addition to the guided exercise, this version includes a background track with brain entrainment features. You’ll hear this as a soft low-pitched hum, and what sounds like crashing waves on a seashore. This background track was crafted specifically for this audio, and is designed to help your brain relax as we go into the meditation state (what’s known as alpha state, peaking at the edge between althpa and theta), and return to normal (what’s known as beta-state) at the end. This is designed to help you transition from your daily “job” day, quickly into a state where you can restore your energy, and then back from a sleepy meditative state back to where you can concentrate on your job afterwards.

I hope this helps you!

Download as MP3

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