Issac Presenting “Continuous Integration with Node.js and Atlassian Bamboo”

On December 17, I’ll be giving a presentation at the second Tel-Aviv Atlassian User-Group on the topic of continuous integration with Node.js.  Node’s a great language for web-applications that deal with a lot of I/O (like API-driven stuff) and earlier in the year I wrote some glue to Mocha and Atlassian Bamboo to let the latter collect test reports from the former.

Since there is only a 20-minute presentation time, I’ll be skimming over a lot, but there are hints to Chef, Vagrant and CD goodness inside, too, so you can actually set up the same platform I’m presenting on to follow along with from home.

Issac presenting “Distributed Apps with Gearman” at TelAviv.PM

On October 23, I’ll be giving a presentation at the TelAviv Perl-Mongers meeting on “Distributed Applications with Gearman”.  The presentation will include a general introduction to the excellent Gearman framework for distributed applications, as will as an introduction to the Perl API libraries for interfacing with it.

I worked with Gearman several times in the past few years (and five years ago, actually wrote a similar framework from scratch for asynchronous (and scheduled) distributed applications, when Gearman just wasn’t mature enough), and really think it’s one of today’s “Cloud Age” most under-utilized design patterns.  With the ability to provision new workers in seconds in today’s production environments, Gearman provides a robust backbone for creating applications that can horizontally scale infinitely with the added bonus of having a completely decentralized force of workers who can register and de-register (or just disappear!) themselves.

Issac presenting at Tel-Aviv’s first Atlassian User Group

On July 21st, I’ll be presenting new Atlassian JIRA 6 features at the first Tel-Aviv Atlassian User Group meet-up, at the Google TLV Campus.

I’ll be talking about the new workflows introduced as part of the Atlassian Marketplace, the new uber-simple-to-use workflow manager, and even a bit about scripting custom workflow actions using Jamie Echlin’s amazing Script Runner plugin.

Don’t miss it :-)